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    NVTC Summer School Webinar

    Our world intrinsically is event driven. Something happens somewhere and triggers a series of cascading events. The very same paradigm applies to business and systems that we call “Event Driven Architecture”.

    However, we have been used to a data-centric approach of looking at the world around us. In reality, it is an event-centric world. The data is just the metadata that describes an event, and the actions in response to it. It’s time we switch the paradigm.

    Applied to modern day cloud and SaaS applications, an event driven approach can be used for data analytics. Real-time data warehouses can be built as and when events happen. It will facilitate real-time data analytics and an ability to respond to them by simply capturing events and actions in business workflows.

    About the speaker

    Bramh Gupta is founder and CEO of RoboMQ, a leading iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) that enables API, data, and application integration. With his background in large scale real-time manufacturing systems and telecoms, Bramh is passionate about real time integration and the value it brings to operations and critical decision making. He holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Business and an engineering degree from NIT, Jamshedpur. He combines his business insights and architectural skills to design and create highly scalable, integration platforms and tools that are needed to power the API economy.

    Free software trial and Proof of Concept engagements are available. 

    Contact us to learn more,

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