RoboMQ integrations in action

Check out some of the integration example videos below. If you would like to see the live demo, fill out the form or simply send us a note at

90 Second Overview

Got just 90 seconds to learn about the unique core capabilities of RoboMQ IoT & SaaS Integration platform? Check out this video and then visit our product features and capabilities on the website. You can also visit the detailed documentation on the website.

ADP to Active Directory Integration Demo

One of our clients in the hospitality industry with 26 locations nationwide is saving more than $700,000 per year by implementing our ADP to AD Integration solution. Each ADP to AD data integration event typically costs between $150 and $200 based on sys admin time and FTE rates for the organization. You can apply your own estimates and determine the cost-benefit and the ROI that you can expect to achieve.

Sertifi Integration Demo

Learn how RoboMQ Sertifi Integration through a demo of how RoboMQ does this Integration for TopGolf. Sertifi Integration makes gather real time data analytics and creating data warehouses by correlating business events easy and cost effective!

Introduction to RoboMQ Integration Flow Designer

Integration Flow designer is the world’s first visual Microservice based business process designer. Watch this video to see how Integration Flow Designer works and learn if it might be right for you.

ADP to Active Directory(AD) Integration

Employee life cycle events (new hire, change of roles, transfers, termination and rehire) can be integrated to Active directory and role based access and privilege control by rule based provisioning to enterprise systems to create value and minimize financial and regulatory risks.

Integration Flow Designer Weather API Demo

Learn how RoboMQ Integration Flow Designer can be used to create both simple and complex flows with no programming knowledge necessary. To find out more about our Integration Flow Designer or other RoboMQ products check out our website or email us at .

NearMe Demo

NearMe is RoboMQ’s proximity workflow framework built on the strengths of our IoT & SaaS integration platform. NearMe works with proximity devices like beacons and RFIDs, capturing their presence and triggering complex business processes based on the identity of the beacon or the RFID. Check out of video to hear how RoboMQ is used in a restaurant use case to collect and analyze customer service data to improve customer satisfaction.

Managed File Transfer Demo

Secure, reliable, and encrypted file transfers with support for all protocol and integration with APIs, worrkflows and event processing streams.

Logistics and Asset Tracking using RoboMQ

Learn about how you can use RFID stickers and RoboMQ to harness the power of your customer management systems in shipping and asset management.