Gaining actionable insight from Big Data requires both access to all relevant data and the best analytical tools to analyze it. 1010data is a complete solution that provides both. In fact, it’s the only solution that serves the entire gamut of data insight needs, from Big Data Discovery to enterprise reporting to the sharing of Big Data among disparate organizations. More than 750 of the world’s largest retail, manufacturing, telecom, and financial services enterprises trust 1010data to manage and analyze over 24 trillion rows of data because of 1010data’s proven ability to deliver actionable insight more quickly, easily and inexpensively than any other solution.

RoboMQ will integrate with 1010data’s big data discovery and sharing capabilities. For example, a business intelligence (BI) tool can be integrated with 1010data to deliver rich, predictive solutions to end users using familiar report formats and visualizations.

ADP is a comprehensive global provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that unite HR, payroll, talent, time, tax and benefits administration, and a leader in business outsourcing services, analytics and compliance expertise. ADP's unmatched experience, deep insights, and cutting-edge technology have transformed human resources from a back-office administrative function to a strategic business advantage.

RoboMQ provides connectors to ADP HR and Payroll using ADP-R( ADP Report) tool and ThingsConnect suite of adapters and connectors to make ADP data available to and from enterprise systems for payroll processing and employee life cycle management.

Advantech B+B SmartWorx products create seamless M2M network connections wherever they are needed, all the way from the network edge to the network core. Smartworx devices and gateways aggregate, convert and transmit data networking protocols both new and old, whether its the latest iteration of MQTT for IoT applications or long established – but still useful – protocols like Modbus.

RoboMQ integrates seamlessly with Advantech B+B devices allowing the device data be available on cloud, analytics engines or any enterprise or SaaS system of your choice on cloud or on premise.

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. These services are trusted by the largest enterprises and the hottest start-ups to power a wide variety of workloads including: web and mobile applications, IoT, game development, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive, and many others.

RoboMQ offers its platform hosted on AWS and available via AWS marketplace. RoboMQ also provides out of the box connectors to relational databases hosted as AWS RDS, AWS DynamoDB and AWS Redshift.

Birst is the only enterprise business intelligence platform that connects together the entire organization through a network of interwoven virtualized BI instances on-top a shared common analytical fabric. Birst enterprise BI delivers the speed, self-service, and agility front-line business workers demand, and the scale, security, and control to meet rigorous corporate data standards. Birst delivers all of this and much more with low TCO via public or private cloud configurations.

RoboMQ can integrate many sources of information and data to rapidly deploy Birst BI solutions that meet the specific needs of anyone and everyone who works with data across your enterprise.

Accelerate your transition to an intelligent, IoT-based infrastructure by deploying the Cisco IoT System. Our broad portfolio of IoT infrastructure technologies help you connect, manage, and control previously unconnected devices. Better secure your physical and digital assets and data and innovate by creating and deploying IoT applications from fog to cloud.

RoboMQ protocol adapters & plugins connect sensors and devices connected to Cisco IoT hardware to the cloud, SaaS and enteprise systems providing seamless data integration.

Cloudera delivers the modern data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies. The world’s leading organizations trust Cloudera to help solve their most challenging business problems with Cloudera Enterprise, the fastest, easiest and most secure data platform available for the modern world. Our customers efficiently capture, store, process and analyze vast amounts of data, empowering them to use advanced analytics to drive business decisions quickly, flexibly and at lower cost than has been possible before. To ensure our customers are successful, we offer comprehensive support, training and professional services.

RoboMQ works with Cloudera to drive innovation across the Hadoop ecosystem and ensure you always have access to purpose-built, integrated solutions for your industry.

CrunchTime! Information Systems is a leading provider of efficiency solutions for the hospitality industries. Since 1995, CrunchTime! solutions have helped customers reduce food & beverage costs, drive labor efficiencies, and better manage the quality and consistency of their food service operations. CrunchTime!’s customers include multi-unit restaurants, cruise lines, hotels and food service management companies around the world.

RoboMQ has integrated CrunchTime! systems at leading food and entertainment venues with POS, accounting, Payroll, resource management and other enterprise systems providing real time information and orchestrated business systems.

Domo is the world’s first Business Cloud. The Business Cloud brings together all the data, all the people and all the insights business users need to run their entire business and make faster, better-informed decisions to improve performance. At the heart of the Business Cloud is the Domo Appstore, the premier destination for decision makers in any role or any industry to get answers to their specific business questions through easy-to-use, pre-packaged solutions built by a developer ecosystem.

RoboboMQ works with Domo to enable decision makers and business users to easily connect to their most relevant data, collaborate around that data in one intuitive platform, and make faster, better-informed decisions.

Gemalto is the global leader in digital security. Their technologies and services enable businesses and governments to authenticate identities and protect data so they stay safe and enable services in personal devices, connected objects, the cloud and in between. Gemalto’s solutions are at the heart of modern life, from payment to enterprise security and the internet of things. We authenticate people, transactions and objects, encrypt data and create value for software – enabling our clients to deliver secure digital services for billions of individuals and things.

RoboMQ can integrate customers' applications, devices, systems, and services with Gemalto's solutions in order to deliver a vast range of secure services based on two core technologies: authentication and protection. These include mobile identity, online banking, data encryption, transport ticketing, e-Government, vehicle telematics, software licensing and much more.

GoodData® provides groundbreaking BI for data monetization to enterprises, independent software vendors, and system integrators who seek to unlock the value of data for their business networks with engaging, one-to-many analytics. Our intelligent analytics distribution platform enables companies like Target, Discovery International and Zendesk to deploy intelligent data products that are guided by GoodData’s expertise in conceptualizing, creating, and delivering widely-adopted analytics solutions.

RoboMQ integrates with GoodData in order to enable Enterprises and ISVs to transform their businesses by distributing targeted analytics to every stakeholder across their business networks.

Google Cloud Platform lets you focus on what’s next for your business. Google Cloud Platform frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. To let innovators innovate and let coders, well, just code.

RoboMQ runs on Google cloud platform using the state of the art infrastructure for its messaging clusters and Microservice platform.

Hortonworks is an industry leading innovator that creates, distributes and supports enterprise-ready open data platforms and modern data applications that deliver actionable intelligence from all data: data-in-motion and data-at-rest. Hortonworks is focused on driving innovation in open source communities such as Apache Hadoop, NiFi and Spark. Along with its 1,600+ partners, Hortonworks provides the expertise, training and services that allow customers to unlock transformational value for their organizations across any line of business.

RoboMQ integrates with Hortonworks to drive actionable intelligence with Connected Data Platforms that maximize the value of all data—data-in-motion and data-at-rest.

IBM's cloud marketplace offers busy business professionals from across the organization looking for a fast, easy way to find user-friendly applications that are secure and scalable. IBM Cloud marketplace for business serves as a single stop where business and IT professionals can learn about, deploy and consume over 100 SaaS applications ranging from Marketing, Procurement, Sales & Commerce, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Finance, Legal, and City Managers.

RoboMQ is a IBM business partner offering its full suite of IoT and SaaS Intergation platform through the marketplace. RoboMQ also offers its platform hosted on IBM cloud.

InHand Networks is an established global leader in industrial M2M products and solutions, with a record of tremendous success following groundbreaking innovation since our inception in 2001. InHand serves world-class partners and customers, including General Electric, China State Grid, SKF, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Rockwell Allen-Bradley and many others with an extensive product portfolio including industrial cellular devices, industrial Ethernet switches, rugged computers, IoT management platforms, remote PLC access tools, wireless sensor network devices, and a power line monitoring system.

RoboMQ integrated IoT devices and sensors wired to InHand Network M2M and IoT gateways unlocking the IoT devices and SCADA data to the SaaS and enterprise applications.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enormous potential to drive economic value and social change. But with 85% of things still unconnected and security threats pervasive, the industry has yet to tap IoT’s enormous potential.

The Intel® IoT Platform breaks down these obstacles. It provides an end-to-end platform for connecting the unconnected and allowing data from billions of devices, sensors, and databases to be securely gathered, exchanged, stored, and analyzed across multiple industries.

As an Intel Partner, RoboMQ integrated with state of the art Intel Gateways and provides a fully integrated device to enterprise applications platform for Enterprise IoT.

Jasper Control Center is the only IoT platform that intelligently adapts to your business needs, providing a vast array of flexible ways to automate your IoT services. Our proprietary automation engine makes it easy to launch new services, optimize performance on the fly, lower operational costs, and continuously deliver exceptional customer experiences.

RoboMQ integrates with Jasper Control Center to optimize and automate every stage of your IoT service lifecycle, enabling you to get the most out of your devices, networks and applications.

JIRA Software is the project management tool for agile teams.

In 2002, our founders, Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes, set conventional wisdom on its ear by launching a successful enterprise software company with no sales force. From Australia. Our first product, JIRA, proved that if you make a great piece of software, price it right, and make it available to anyone to download from the internet, teams will come. And they'll build great things with it. And they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on.

Today a lot has changed. We're over 1,400 Atlassians (and growing), in six locations, with products to help all types of teams realize their visions and get stuff done. But the fundamentals remain the same. We're for teams because we believe that great teams can do amazing things. We're not afraid to do things differently. And we're driven by an inspiring set of values that shape our culture and our products for the better.

KORE provides the connectivity and services that make the Internet of Things possible. Founded in 2003, KORE is the worlds’ largest managed network services provider specializing in Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) markets. KORE provides the critical wireless connectivity empowering application, hardware and wireless operator partners to rapidly bring new IoT and M2M innovations to market, with millions of active on-network units in more than 110 countries. KORE delivers choice, reliability and global native coverage through multi-carrier and Tier 1 carrier cellular and satellite network services – including LTE, GSM and CDMA - as well as advanced applications to easily manage IoT connected devices.

RoboMQ also has integrated OEM IoT solutions from Advantech B+B, Intel, Cisco, Dell and others (we will support any IoT or M2M device and gateway that supports industry standards and protocols) that provide our leading-edge technology along with world-class Technology Manufacturers, that are optimized for Kore deployments.

By offering the best of traditional databases as well as the flexibility, scale, and performance required by todays applications, MongoDB lets innovators deploy apps as big as they can possibly dream. From startups to enterprises, for the modern and the mission-critical, MongoDB is the database for giant ideas.

MongoDB is a leading NoSQL JSON document based database. RoboMQ integrates with MongoDB using ThingsConnect suite of adapters and connectors allowing use of MongoDB as the data store for IoT and SaaS business flows.

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Whether you are a fast growing web property, technology ISV or large enterprise, MySQL can cost-effectively help you deliver high performance, scalable database applications.

Many of the world's largest and fastest-growing organizations including Facebook, Google, Adobe, Alcatel Lucent and Zappos rely on MySQL to save time and money powering their high-volume Web sites, business-critical systems and packaged software.

The MySQL database server provides the ultimate in scalability, sporting the capacity to handle deeply embedded applications with a footprint of only 1MB to running massive data warehouses holding terabytes of information. Platform flexibility is a stalwart feature of MySQL with all flavors of Linux, UNIX, and Windows being supported. And, of course, the open source nature of MySQL allows complete customization for those wanting to add unique requirements to the database server.

Newmarket assists hospitality organizations of all sizes to maximize revenues and resources by enabling each to find and win new business, welcome guests, and deliver exceptional service. With the skills, experience, and people to solve today’s business challenges, Newmarket provides innovative hospitality solutions and services, breadth of expertise, and an unrelenting commitment to customer relationships.

Newmarket delivers proven hospitality solutions that:

  • Empower sales and catering teams to streamline business and generate more revenue
  • Optimize operations leading to increased employee productivity and reduced costs
  • Improve customer and guest satisfaction resulting in greater loyalty

Numerex Corp. is a leading provider of managed enterprise solutions enabling the Internet of Things (IoT). The Company's solutions produce new revenue streams or create operating efficiencies for its customers. Numerex provides its technology and services through its integrated platforms, which are generally sold on a subscription basis. The Company offers a portfolio of managed end-to-end IoT solutions including smart devices, network connectivity and service applications capable of addressing the needs of a wide spectrum of vertical markets and industrial customers. The Company's mission is to empower enterprise operations with world-class, managed IoT solutions that are simple, innovative, scalable, and secure. Numerex is ISO 27001 information security-certified, highlighting the Company's focus on data security, service reliability and around-the-clock support of its customers.

RoboMQ will integrate with the Numerex ecosystem and nxFAST platform that is built to encompass connection and subscription management, application enablement, full vertical solutions, IoT billing and rating services, and device management.

RoboMQ has also integrated OEM IoT solutions from Advantech B+B, Intel, Cisco, Dell and others (we will support any IoT or M2M device and gateway that supports industry standards and protocols) that provide our leading-edge technology along with world-class Technology Manufacturers, that are optimized for Numerex deployments.

Qlik® delivers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting to approximately 35,000 customers worldwide. Companies of all sizes, across all industries and geographies, use Qlik solutions to visualize and explore information, generate insight and make better decisions. At Qlik, we optimize Business Intelligence (BI) by harnessing the collective intelligence of people across an organization. We focus on empowering people—by enabling everyone in an organization to see the whole story that lives within their data.

The combination of RoboMQ with Qlik delivers powerful analytics by enabling collaboration between IT and business stakeholders. Easily work with all data types and streamline every aspect of business intelligence (BI) — from ad hoc analysis and automated reporting to agile data warehousing and cost-effective data integration. Enable safe, simple, self-service BI with solutions that snap into place to complement your existing investments.

Rackspace, helps businesses tap the power of cloud computing without the complexity and cost of managing it on their own. Rackspace engineers deliver specialized expertise, easy-to-use tools, and Fanatical Support® for leading technologies developed by AWS, Google, Microsoft, OpenStack, VMware and others. The company serves approximately 300,000 businesses worldwide, including two-thirds of the FORTUNE 100. Rackspace was named a leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, and has been honored by Fortune, Forbes, and others as one of the best companies to work for.

RoboMQ and Rackspace work together to deliver professional and managed services for enterprises leveraging the leading cloud platforms. The combination of Fanatical Support® with RoboMQ’s best-of-breed Integration Services provides enterprise customers with a holistic solution for cloud adoption.

The world’s #1 CRM solution gives your sales teams the power to close deals like never before with an array of cloud-based tools that increase productivity, keep pipeline filled with solid leads, and score more wins. No software. No hardware. No speed limits.

RoboMQ allows you to create cases in Salesforce as part of the integrated business flows. You could create a case in Salesforce and engage the support staff if the thermostat or a sensor identifies an unusual event. You could also create cases in Salesforce for events or other events of interest using ThingsConnect connector to Salesforce.

Sertifi provides Closing Automation Solutions for all types of companies including large enterprises to small businesses and startups. From straightforward deals such as obtaining a simple signature to complex workflows that require multiple signers, collaboration between senders and signers, and customer payments - Sertifi offers an array of features that help sales teams close business faster.

Sertifi automates business workflows including some of the most complex processes that consist of multiple signers in sequential and/or parallel workflows. Sertifi accepts up to 300 different file types including Word, Excel and PDF. Simply, add the signers' email addresses and grab documents from your hard drive, document library, CRM or existing system or app. While setting up your signature request, you can also add one-time or reoccurring customer payment requests for products or services.

ServiceNow is changing the way people work. By placing a service‑oriented lens on the activities, tasks and processes that make up day‑to‑day work life, we help the modern enterprise operate faster and be more scalable than ever before. As the enterprise cloud company, ServiceNow provides a service model that defines, structures and automates the flow of work, removing email and spreadsheets from the process to streamline the delivery of services.

RoboMQ leverages the service model offered by ServiceNow by integrating it with the business processes and Microservices integrated by RoboMQ. You cloud create cases in ServiceNow for the events of interest for the enterprise. ServiceNow can be used for IoT use cases by having IoT devices create cases in ServiceNow for diagnostics, preventive maintenance and for reacting to abnormal events.

SkyWire is an award winning, global provider of enterprise-grade technologies for the hospitality industry. SkyWire’s cloud based solution set includes Point-of-Sale, Property Management, Spa, and Workforce Management systems; all centered on our patented mobile marketing technology. SkyWire delivers world-class, core enterprise technologies that are versatile, secure and resilient.

RoboMQ has integrated SkyWire POS with F&B inventory management, resource management, payroll, schedule management and other critical business operation systems used in the restaurant, entertainment and hospitality industry.

Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information. More than 29,000 customer accounts get rapid results with Tableau in the office and on-the-go. And tens of thousands of people use Tableau Public to share data in their blogs and websites.

RoboMQ integrates with Tableau so people can collect, store, transform and connect to the data that is important to them. From databases, to ETL, to predictive analytics and more.

PTC is a global provider of technology platforms and solutions that transform how companies create, operate, and service the ‘things’ in the Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s next-generation ThingWorx® technology platform gives developers the tools they need to capture, analyze, and capitalize on the vast amounts of data being generated by smart, connected products and systems. The company’s field-proven solutions are deployed in more than 26,000 businesses worldwide to generate a product or service advantage.

We design, build and operate global networks, information systems and mobile technologies that connect people, grow businesses and economies, and improve communities. We believe that through our powerful technology, we can help transform any industry, leave a positive impact on any issue and create new possibilities for our customers and our world.

Designed from scratch in partnership with our customers, Workday Human Resource Management addresses the full spectrum of enterprise human capital needs in one, easy-to-use system. Workday provides a delightful experience for all your people across all their devices. The result? An engaged workforce that helps accelerate global growth.

RoboMQ integrates with Workday allowing two way access to Workday data and APIs. RoboMQ enables integration of Workday applications with the rest of enterprise applications and analytics systems to create a well orchestrated business enterprise.

Zendesk is a customer service platform. It’s designed for companies that want to create customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. We start by helping companies provide great support and then mature with self-service and proactive engagement.Zendesk is a customer service platform. It’s designed for companies that want to create customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. We start by helping companies provide great support and then mature with self-service and proactive engagement.