Event Driven Analytics

It is an event driven world and that is so very true for your business. Throughout your enterprise, events are emitted by systems, applications and devices collaborating together. Your applications react to the events which flow through and are orchestrated by the integration middleware. You may choose some of these events to be saved on-the-fly to any relational database (RDBMS) or a NoSQL database like MongoDB.

Event Driven Analytics provide this feature with no additional effort. Simply flag the events that should be saved to a database.

In our world today, events and how we handle them are an integral part of any business. Companies receive or perform thousands of transactions or events each day and Event Driven Analytics give a simple and effective way to organize and harness these events. These events can be compared to the many thousands of TV programs that come streaming into our televisions every night. How do we deal with all those programs that we can’t possibly sort through or watch? We deal with them with DVR.

Simply stated, Event Driven Analytics is like a DVR for your business and system events. In any business integration as events of interest happen, systems exchange relevant information as messages that are listened to and acted upon by interested business applications, systems and devices that take appropriate actions. There are often scenarios where the messages being exchanged between two applications (systems or devices) need to be saved to a database or a message store either incognito or explicitly. There is a well known enterprise integration pattern called, “wiretap”, that describes this functionality.

One of the most common use case is building the real-time analytics by creating data warehouse in real time vs using batch ETL. This approach makes analytics available in real time as events happen as well as spread the ETL load over the whole day vs early morning hours. We all know of issues with large load of ETL run early morning …


  • Event Driven Analytics allow building the data warehouse or BI in near real time to support your real time analytics needs
  • The data persisted is event driven and has the semantics to help you build event driven data warehouse
  • You do not have to store the junk of 500 tables through the ETL process since you get meaningful and linked event data
  • Your warehouse builds as transactions happen. It is therefore high performing, lightweight and meaningful


Event Driven Analytics could also be used for creating audit trails and feeding information to monitoring and control systems. It allows a quick and easy way to organize these audit trails and allow only the pertinent information to be saved without the fear of losing something essential. Furthermore, it can be automated to save significant time and effort.

With Event Driven Analytics messages and events can be stored and organized without any additional effort or coding. The events or messages are simply flagged to be recorded as they transit through RoboMQ. Events can be saved publicly or privately (incognito) just as one does using CC or BCC in an email. We compare this to the use of the “record” button on the DVR. Once the events are “recorded” or saved the “play” button can be used to retrieve the events from the data store. Finally, you can chose the “pause” option by unflagging the events and choose not to record these events.

This comparison of our product to a simple DVR makes Event Driven Analytics easy to understand and work with any skill level. It allows for simple storage, organization and retrieval of event information. If you would like to know more information on Event Driven Analytics or a personalized demo please contact us at sales@www.robomq.io and one of our team members would be happy to assist