CSI Compressco Keeps the Focus on Powering American Homes Thanks to Hire2Retire 

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With many natural gas wells isolated or even offshore, it’s easy to wonder how the natural gas that powers many American homes gets from the well to power plants. To ensure a smooth flow through the many miles of pipeline between the well and the customer, compressing the natural gas before transporting it is mandatory. However, servicing the compression demands from natural gas wells takes a lot of power; power that CSI Compressco has. CSI’s fleet of over 4,500 compressor packages generate over 1.1 million horsepower, making them a leading provider of natural gas compression, treating, and cooling services across the US, Mexico, Canada, and beyond. 
CSI’s systems were not as polished behind the scenes though, especially when it came to employee lifecycle management. Sysadmins couldn’t keep up with the demand of manually extracting and updating employee data between ADP and Active Directory (AD), new hires were onboarded slowly, and terminated employees left with access to key systems and data. If CSI was going to keep the company’s flow of employee data running smoothly and efficiently, they needed a solution with the same kind of power they provide out in the field. 
Because it takes one to know one, CSI contacted RoboMQ and implemented Hire2Retire as a fully automated employee lifecycle management and identity provisioning product. Hire2Retire’s end-to-end, no-code data integration automatically synced data between ADP and Hybrid AD, keeping employee profile data consistent and accurate, giving new hires the right tools and access on day one, and ensuring terminated employees couldn’t access private data. Thanks to Hire2Retire, CSI saved time and money, enabling them to better power natural gas to the places that need it around the world. 
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Cameron Macaulay

Cameron Macaulay

Cameron Macaulay is a Marketing Associate with RoboMQ. Cameron graduated from Syracuse University with a major in Broadcast & Digital Journalism, and a minor in Professional & Technical Writing. Cameron combines his skills in technical writing with a passion for storytelling.

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