Is Your Data Connected to Provide a Seamless Customer Experience?

NetSuite Salesforce Integration - Seamless Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is a big focus for companies – and for a good reason. According to a Gartner study, 89% of companies surveyed considered CX to be the new competitive battlefield. Just look at some of the most innovative brands globally, as it’s no coincidence to see them leading the pack in the CX space.   By focusing on providing an exceptional CX, companies can drive revenue growth, customer retention, brand loyalty, and more. However, the challenge for…

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Top 5 Considerations for a successful CRM integration

Top 5 Considerations for a Successful CRM Integration

Customer relationship management is a strategy companies use to manage and analyze interactions with potential, current, and past customers. The data analysis is used to improve overall relationships with a focus not only on driving sales growth but also…

Future of Work and Cross Functional Collaboration

Future of Work and Cross-Functional Collaboration

In today's interconnected and complex business environment, the future of work depends on the cross functional collaboration between departments, business units and vendors, and partners across geographical boundaries. Businesses are not just one department or one…