Release 4.1: Branded Custom Email Templates, ADP APIs, and More


The Hire2Retire Phase 4-1 release adds some significant enhancements to the product based on market needs and customer feedback.

These enhancements include support of the ADP-API based data integration, allowing customers to use API or extract-based integration based on their evaluation of the pros and cons of the two approaches. In addition, custom email templates allow customers to use branded templates for notifications upon employee lifecycle state changes. This includes the ability to use multiple templates for each event, say employee onboarding targeted to the recipient. For example, this can allow users to have a template that notifies the manager upon onboarding, a second template to notify the helpdesk and trigger physical resource allocation, and a third email template to send to the hired employee on steps to get started on the first day at work.

There are multiple other enhancements to add features to existing capabilities or improve the user experience. Dive deeper into these improvements by viewing the full release notes.

Cameron Macaulay

Cameron Macaulay

Cameron Macaulay is a Marketing Associate with RoboMQ. Cameron graduated from Syracuse University with a major in Broadcast & Digital Journalism, and a minor in Professional & Technical Writing. Cameron combines his skills in technical writing with a passion for storytelling.

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