Accelerating Productivity: Redzone’s HR-IT Automation with Hire2Retire

Recognizing the need for an automated solution, Redzone turned to Hire2Retire, a leading pre-packaged integration solution by RoboMQ. 


Businesses, whether small or large scale, often find it overwhelming to meet their productivity and efficiency targets. Owing to fierce competition and an ever-growing business landscape, efficient project coordination can indeed be a daunting task. Fortunately, workforce management solutions like Redzone can be of help, enabling construction plant owners to harness powerful technologies on the front lines. For over a decade, Redzone has been empowering manufacturing plants to realize their dream projects by optimizing their processes using innovative technologies. With 1000s of man-years of manufacturing experience, Redzone has garnered a massive client base

However, this rapid growth brought its own set of challenges for its HR and IT teams. As the workforce of the company multiplied, manual resource provisioning became impractical, leading to inefficiencies and potential compliance risks. Onboarding and termination processes used to take a lot of time, and its new hires were stuck waiting for access and provisions. Some terminated employees still had access to crucial information that could compromise the company’s data security and privacy.

Recognizing the need for an automated solution, Redzone turned to Hire2Retire, a leading pre-packaged integration solution by RoboMQ. This powerful ADP to AD integration solution helped Redzone to automate employee lifecycle management and identity provisioning, revolutionizing Redzone’s HR and IT processes.

In Hire2Retire, Redzone found a reliable ally for overcoming its HR-IT challenges. The power of automation not only elevated its productivity but also reinforced its position as the #1 connected workforce solution in the industry.

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Somya Shrimal

Somya Shrimal

Somya Shrimal is an Associate Marketing Specialist at RoboMQ. She is a tech enthusiast and a prolific blogger who helps businesses stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry. Her expertise in SaaS, cloud, on-premises apps, and IoT has made her a go-to source for businesses looking to navigate the ever-changing tech landscape.

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