RoboMQ Data Integration Helps Keep NGK Spark Plugs USA Running Smoothly

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NGK Spark Plugs USA uses Hire2Retire from RoboMQ to manage employee lifecycle events 

The engines powering the cars and trucks that take us where we need to go continue to become more advanced and more complicated. But without the right spark plug, none of them would be able to properly ignite. That’s where NGK Spark Plugs excels. NGK has manufactured and supplied spark plugs for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, and marine engine application since 1936. 

However, manually updating employee onboarding, offboarding and role changes into Microsoft AD for multiple locations in 5 different states created a challenging situation for NGK’s USA division. The company struggled to manage role-based access and privileges in critical applications and systems, creating security risks for NGK USA upon employee terminations. Their employee lifecycle management system needed a spark, and that’s where RoboMQ stepped in.

RoboMQ implemented the Hire2Retire employee lifecycle management and identity provisioning system for NGK USA, automatically syncing employee data from ADP to AD and providing role-based access control that could be automatically removed upon employee terminations, eliminating the security risks that worried NGK USA. Thanks to Hire2Retire, NGK USA could spend less time manually keeping up with their employee profiles, and more time making the spark plugs that drive us forward. 
Cameron Macaulay

Cameron Macaulay

Cameron Macaulay is a Marketing Associate with RoboMQ. Cameron graduated from Syracuse University with a major in Broadcast & Digital Journalism, and a minor in Professional & Technical Writing. Cameron combines his skills in technical writing with a passion for storytelling.

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