How it Works?

Create business process automation workflows with API and data integrations in minutes on an intuitive, easy to use self-service UX.
Connect iPaaS
Create a workflow by selecting a trigger application and one or multiple action applications.
APIs and data elements from leading ERP, CRM, SaaS and on-premises applications are available as visual widgets with powerful data mapping, transformation, if-then-else business logic, and advanced functions.


Triggers answer the questions – “When should a workflow be started?” or “What event or activity in my business application should initiate a set of activities on other applications?”


Action answers the question “What activities should be performed on one or more applications in response to an event trigger?”


Workflow connects a trigger event to one or more actions such that a business process can be executed as a “do these steps” when “something of interest” happens.


A recipe is a reusable business automation workflow. Use an existing recipe or create your own recipe by automating your business processes using triggers and actions from available API and data connectors on Connect iPaaS.
Recipes Trigger Actions
Share Leads with Partners Salesforce microsoft-dynamics-crm-365-icon Dynamics 365 Try Recipe
Automate Customer Support microsoft-dynamics-crm-365-icon Dynamics 365 servicenow_logo ServiceNow Try Recipe
Manage Employee Lifecycle Workday Integration Workday robomq offers Microsoft integration Active Directory Try Recipe
Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation

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