Hybrid Integration Platform

SaaS, cloud, on-premise, mobility and IoT integration that is distributed across networks and clouds


Business workflows and process orchestration using Microservices with open-core messaging transport and container management for massively scalable, expandable, atomic and containerized business functions.

Business workflows and process orchestration using Microservices
Enterprise Messaging Robust enterprise grade messaging capabilities built on top of open-core messaging transports

Enterprise Messaging

Robust enterprise grade messaging capabilities built on top of open-core messaging transports, RabbitMQ (AMQP), Apache Kafka, AWS Kinessis and Redis, packaged and deployed with container architecture for distributed and federated messaging capabilities.

Managed File Transfer

Secure reliable and encrypted file transfers with support for all protocol and integration with APIs, worrkflows and event processing streams.

Pluggable Broker Transport

RoboMQ offers a microservices development platform with pluggable support, so that you can use the messaging broker of your choice.

SaaS & On Premise Integration

Integrate SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications over any protocol to build business workflows that span across networks and clouds. Specialized SaaS application will work together as well as with strategic on-premise applications to create unique and distinct business advantages.

Clustering and federation

RoboMQ platform is built for distributed application integration with clusters of brokers and containers that are in a federated relationship allowing selective federation of the messaging and integration workflows.

Hybrid messaging cloud

No more hub and spoke with a central point of failure!! RoboMQ is a mesh of open-core messaging brokers allowing local interaction with federated hops across clusters. It provides failover, redundancy, scale, and an adaptable messaging fabric.

Multi cloud deployment

You are not restricted to any cloud, be it AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or IBM, or your own private data center. RoboMQ integration platform is fully docker containerized and can be deployed anywhere with almost no dependencies.


Key differentiators

RoboMQ connects SaaS applications, enterprise systems, devices and sensors to create context aware near realtime business workflows across networks and clouds.

Any-to-Any Integration that is protocol and language agnostic

Open-core Hybrid Messaging Cloud that is truly distributed & federated

Microservices architecture including visual workflow designer

Containerized microservices based platform, with smart containers that have built-in logging, exception handling, monitoring and autoscaling, on top of pluggable open-core messaging layer and protocol adapters for SaaS, on-premise and cloud integration.

Create Competitive Advantage through Application Integration
Low Code, Highly Scalable Microservice and Message Queue based API & Data Integration Platform for IT and Technology Teams

Simplified Solutions for Complex & Strategic Process Automation


Federated Architecture to Help TopGolf Scale to 60+ Venues

Multiple systems including F&B inventory, point of sales, golf gaming, large event sales, resource planning, HR and payroll are integrated with the help of RoboMQ’s HIP to provide world-class hospitality.
Katerra uses RoboMQ's Integration Platform to mananage Employee life cycle and acquire related buisness

Katerra Achieved 90% Cost Reduction in Employee Onboarding

The fast growth of Katerra required automated employee lifecycle and onboarding with role based access management for 3,500 employees. This resulted in significant cost saving and risk avoidance.

Trusted by Leading Companies

These are some of the leading companies that have trusted RoboMQ to solve their integration needs to accelerate digital transformation and create competitive advantages.

Less Code. Smart Results.

Rapid Integration Application Development with Smart Containers and Microservices
Speed of Integration
Modern Scalable Architecture
On-cloud, On-premises and Hybrid
Built for Business-Critical Automation
Low Code Rapid Development
Embeddable, OEM ready

Integration Solution for All Organization Users. You Control It.

You control the complete integration infrastructure of your organization and utilize the power of Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP). With HIP, provide the business users in your organization easy-to-use integration tools for creating and deploying automation workflows by themselves.
Self-service DIY UX to build business automation solutions without writing code
Ready-to-go solution to business problems without the worry about setup, technology, work or management 

HIP Features

Tell us about your integration requirements.
“RoboMQ has been a key partner in Topgolf’s growth.  As we continue to expand internationally, RoboMQ’s highly interoperable integration platform has helped catapult our IT integrations from supporting just a few thousand employees to over 24,000, globally. I highly recommend RoboMQ as a first look in the integration space, no matter the size or complexity of the organization, because I believe they represent incredible value.”
Johnny Bynum​
Director of Innovation and Architecture, Topgolf

Security, trust, and compliance at the core​

SOC2 for Service Organisation Certification

As a SOC2 certified Service Organisation, we maintain industry-leading security and operations processes, and organizational best practices so that our customers can trust us with their data across third-party applications.

Integrate. Automate. Innovate.