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Choose from a list of major CRM, SaaS and ERP applications you want to connect and build an automation for your business use case.

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Sales & Marketing



Connect Popular ERP, SaaS and CRM Applications


Integrate Salesforce CRM to ERP, HCM, ITSM, eCommerce, and other business applications to unleash its full potential and empower your teams to automate sales & marketing, support, eCommerce, order-to-cash, and more!

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is more powerful when integrated with other enterprise applications. Start integrating now to stay on top of customers, enable a 360-degree view of business operations, and reduce operational costs.


Apart from escalating incidents, these popular ServiceNow integrations make it easier for you to automate order-to-cash, bring different teams on the same page, enhance operational efficiency, and much more!


Why wait when businesses around the world are automating lead-to-cash, accounting, and eCommerce operations? Start integrating your NetSuite to CRM, ITSM, and eCommerce applications to solve common business use cases!


With these integrations in place, share QuickBooks data automatically across your ERP, CRM, HCM, and eCommerce applications in real-time  and smartly manage finances and eCommerce operations. Start integrating now!


Integrate Smartsheet to CRM, ERP, ITSM, eCommerce, and other business applications to align your teams and technology, doing more with less. Also, store less frequently used data in Smartsheet to reduce cost.


Businesses around the world are building data lakes cost-efficiently and creating backups of valuable data with these integrations. Push valuable customer, operation, and supply chain data to AWS S3 to reduce your storage cost.

Active Directory

No more time wasted in manually creating employee identities, putting them into the right security groups, and assigning Role-Based-Access-Control. Automate the entire process by integrating AD to HRIS to smartly manage resources.


Why waste time managing employee lifecycle events manually when you can automate them? Integrate ADP to the information directory to save up to 90% of the cost involved in onboarding/offboarding employees.

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Built on top of robust microservices infrastructure of Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) used by large enterprises

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