8 ServiceNow Integrations to Streamline Your Business Operations Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic


Many companies are struggling to recover their losses and streamline their business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to remote working and limited resources, it can become difficult for businesses to support various functions and processes such as day-to-day reporting, customer service management, ticket resolution, incident management, and issue escalation. This difficulty in managing business operations creates or adds to productivity and communication challenges among teams.

Keeping business operations running smoothly also becomes a challenge if functional departments use a different set of applications as these products typically do not speak to each other out of the box. As a result, this can lead to inefficiencies that can quickly escalate labor costs as data must be entered manually from one system to another, which can also lead to human errors.

This is where API and application integration solutions come to the rescue. Application and data integration and automation tools help businesses in improving efficiencies of different functions and departments by integrating different systems and automating processes between them.

There are many business processes that can be automated by integrating various enterprise applications. Integrating these applications to process specific events without manual intervention is one way in which businesses can do more with less and come out ahead during these tough economic times.

Today, we are going to look at ServiceNow, which is a popular enterprise service management solution leveraged by operations, information technology (IT), and supply chain teams globally. ServiceNow is available as an application connector on the popular no-code API and data integration platform, Connect iPaaS powered by RoboMQ.


8 ServiceNow Integrations for Streamlining Business Operations


1. Workday® Integration with Active Directory (AD), ServiceNow, and PagerDuty to Automate Employee Onboarding

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A common challenge organizations face is streamlining and automating the employee onboarding and offboarding process, and lifecycle events. Many companies fall into the trap of manually creating tickets in ServiceNow for IT teams to perform certain actions, such as to create or update user identities in Microsoft Active Directory, or provide employees with the systems and tools they need access to. For many companies, this process can take hours or even days to complete.

HR and IT teams can speed up this process from hours down to seconds by integrating Workday® or ADP to create and/or update user identities in Active Directory, create tickets in ServiceNow, and send out alerts through PagerDuty, Twilio, Nexmo, Slack, Outlook, or WhatsApp. This integration can also be set up directly from Workday® or ADP to create or update incidents in ServiceNow using simple drag-and-drop functions.

Check out this page for more information regarding this integration and how to get started in automating this process today.

2. Expedite Customer Issues with Dynamics 365 CRM, ServiceNow, and Teams Integration

This integration between ServiceNow, Dynamics 365 CRM, and Microsoft Teams shows how customer issues can be expedited and resolved faster. Every time a new customer issue is reported in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, a new incident gets created in ServiceNow, and the respective teams are notified in near real-time via Microsoft Teams. This integration can be created in minutes as shown from the video above and is a popular one used by Connect iPaaS customers.

Create this integration for free using this link.


3. ServiceNow Integration with Salesforce and Smartsheet for Incident Analytics

This integration between ServiceNow and Salesforce enables your operations team to provide faster response to incidents by creating an object in Salesforce for every new incident that occurs in ServiceNow. Further, this ServiceNow integration with Salesforce also extends its support to Smartsheet that helps automate record-keeping by adding a row in Smartsheet for new incidents reported. This helps in getting full visibility of incidents across departments and channels.

You can create this integration for free today using this link.


4. ServiceNow Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and Slack for Sales Automation

This ServiceNow integration with Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and Slack enables businesses to automate the sales process by sharing leads received. In this integration, a new object is created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM when a lead is received, which further gets recorded in Salesforce for pursuing the lead jointly. Simultaneously, a new incident gets created in ServiceNow and a notification is sent to the team via Slack.

You can access this pre-built integration using this link. All you need to do is click on the “Use Recipe” button to sign up for your free trial and begin setting up this or any other integration with ServiceNow as a connector today.

5. ServiceNow and PagerDuty Integration for Supply Chain Management

You can create this integration to help streamline service order fulfillment. In the video above, we walk you through a use case scenario in which a vendor and a supplier are using different platforms for incident management. In this case, an incident is created in the suppliers ServiceNow instance and then reported via PagerDuty to the vendor without any delay by connecting the resolution platforms. This is another simple integration that can be created in minutes.


6. ServiceNow Integration with Outlook and WhatsApp For Instant Notification

This ServiceNow integration with Outlook and WhatsApp allows you to automate instant notifications to the IT support team for resolving urgent requests and tickets. In the video above, you can see a use case where a support team member is instantly notified via Outlook email upon new high priority incidents being logged in ServiceNow. Further, the workflow also notifies the team members via WhatsApp so that it helps in taking timely actions of urgent issues.

Watch or use this ready-made recipe to automate instant notification for important issues.

7. ServiceNow Integration with HubSpot and Slack for Quicker Customer Onboarding

This ServiceNow integration with HubSpot and Slack helps you automate and accelerate the process of customer onboarding as an when a new deal gets closed. The integration shows how a new incident gets created in ServiceNow with details like Deal Name, Description, Deal Amount, and User Email Address, upon closure of a new deal in HubSpot. The workflow further notifies the relevant support and sales team via Slack channel message with information like Closure Date, Email, and Description of the Deal. This automation thus leads to faster and easy onboarding of customers without any delay in the process. Use this readily available integration here.

8. Magento Integration with ServiceNow and Slack to Expedite Refunds

A lot of e-commerce and online stores find it cumbersome to process refunds and paybacks of customer orders for items returned as these can require a manual intervention of creating tickets for the support and accounts team. However, by utilizing the above integration between Magento and ServiceNow with Slack, you can automate the process of refunding in minutes.

As shown in the video, a new ServiceNow incident gets created for orders to be refunded in the Magento e-commerce platform. The information with details like order amount, first name, last name, and customer ID is sent to the respective team member via Slack to process the refund amount.

Wrapping Up

With these ServiceNow integrations on the no-code Connect iPaaS platform, you can deliver a whole host of exciting capabilities to your teams while streamlining critical business processes. Not only can you ensure business continuity by automating these processes, but you can also ensure your business operations become more scalable and sustainable during this time of need.

Want to start building your own ServiceNow integrations today? Get started with Connect iPaaS with one-click frictionless signup and automate your workflows for free.

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