Building Secure Foundation: DePelchin Children’s Center’s Journey Towards HR Automation 

With Hire2Retire Paycom to Hybrid AD integration solution, DePelchin found a way to automatically create and update employee profiles while staying compliant with security policies. 

Every child is gifted, it is just that they unwrap their packages at different times. Keeping this thought in mind, an influential woman named Keza Payne embarked on a journey to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. In the year 1892, she named this initiative DelPelchin Children’s Center. A non-profit foster care and adoption center, DePelchin is one of the first and largest child welfare agencies in Texas. With a vision to make every child in this world safe and happy, it offers diverse services such as foster care, adoption, kinship care, children and family counseling, parenting programs, and more. 
As the years turned into decades, the organization expanded its horizons to 5 cities in Texas, USA from a small shelter. With offices in Houston, San Antonio, Spring, Austin, and Lubbock, the organization was making efforts to meet the changing needs of the community while staying loyal to its cause of improving the overall mental and physical health of children. Moreover, the center serves more than 10,000 children, youth, and families each year. To meet the growing demand, the center expanded its workforce. However, as its workforce grew, so did its challenges.  
Owing to rapid expansion in its facilities as well as employee count, in the background, its IT and HR team was under the constant strain of managing its workforce. The method DePelchin was using for employee lifecycle management and identity provisioning was resource-intensive and time-consuming. There was a lack of sync between its HR System, Paycom and Hybrid AD (Active Directory). Consequently, its IT and HR team was updating OUs (Organizational Units), SGs (Security Groups), and DLs (Distribution Lists) and allocating software licenses manually. Not only this method was delaying the employee onboarding and termination process but could also pose security and compliance risks. Being a non-profit society-focused venture, DePelchin could not afford to spend the costly Sysadmin work hours on manual interventions that could be easily automated with the right solution
Recognizing the potential for HR automation, DePelchin turned to RoboMQ’s Hire2Retire, a leading Pre-packaged Integration Solution. With Hire2Retire Paycom to Hybrid AD integration solution, DePelchin found a way to automatically create and update employee profiles while staying compliant with security policies. Thanks to Hire2Retire, DePelchin can spend less time managing its employee profiles and stay focused on keeping the smile and health of children, youth, and families intact. 
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