Employee lifecycle automation amplifies Center for Sustainable Energy’s efficiency to accomplish real-time results

RoboMQ’s “Hire to Retire” solution helped Center for Sustainable Energy in achieving results in near real-time and ensuring a great “First day at work” experience.
A California-headquartered non-profit organization, the Center for Sustainable Energy is a leader in sustainable energy programs offering clean energy program administration and advisory services. With 25 years of experience, they help organizations, corporations, and individuals across the country reduce their ecological footprint.
The Center for Sustainable Energy utilizes an information technology backbone to provide energy audits, feasibility studies, and consulting service. Adding in their industry knowledge of clean transportation, energy-efficient construction, and decarbonization initiatives, they are able to create a customized solution to reduce environmental impact and maximize returns per dollar for their customers. By combining customer-specific needs with commercialized products and government rebates, the Center for Sustainable Energy aids in making changes that are good for the environment and the bottom line.

Absence of employee onboarding automation resulted in adding up the manual work time and unrequired delays.

Hitches endured in the absence of automation

The process of onboarding new employees, creating profiles for them and provisioning access became a tedious task for the organization as there wasn’t an automated process to streamline the various events of the employee lifecycle. It was adding up the manual work time and efforts of valuable sysadmin resources.
These laborious tasks were stagnating key elements of the onboarding process. New hires were waiting on emails to be created, identities to be approved, and access to be provisioned. On the flip side, when employees were terminated, the sluggish pace of manually completing these tasks created security risks such as continued access to email and internal access profiles. The absence of automation resulted in unrequired delays in each of these steps, exposed the Center to potential security risks and paved the way for inefficiencies.

While each of these tasks are small by themselves, they sum into a persistent impediment to the organization providing an enjoyable “First Day at Work” experience to its new employees. The simple resolution was an automated system to sync and update data – taking out the error and delay in employee lifecycle management – that coordinates the various onboarding and termination tasks to save time and enrich employees’ work life.

Prompt results with a codeless integration solution

The fully automated “Hire to Retire” solution not only made the creation and updating of new profiles and role-based system access provision quicker and simpler, it also eased the synchronizing of lifecycle events. This helped in achieving results in near real-time and ensuring a great “First day at Work” experience.

RoboMQ’s integration solution enhanced the Center for Sustainable Energy’s experience by:
  • Quick and timely onboarding of new employees

  • HR data syncing from ADP of employee lifecycle changes in real-time to AD

  • Robust security measures and data protection

  • Effortless and well-timed implementation that cuts costs

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