Empowering Surgeons, Empowering Employees: RTI Surgicals’ Evolution towards Excellence

In the world of surgical care, where the art of healing intersects with technological advancements, RTI Surgicals has emerged as a key player. As surgeons strive to provide optimal care to their patients, the importance of reliable and high-quality instruments and implants becomes apparent. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, RTI Surgicals has swiftly risen to prominence since its establishment in 1998, becoming a leading provider of surgical instruments, implants, and biological solutions worldwide.
Throughout its journey, RTI Surgicals has embraced innovation and continuously pushed the boundaries of medical technology. Its cutting-edge solutions have empowered surgeons to transform the lives of their patients, ensuring better surgical outcomes and improved quality of life. By providing innovative and customized surgical tools, RTI Surgicals has become a trusted partner to medical professionals, delivering superior products that meet the highest standards of precision and performance. 
However, as RTI Surgicals expanded its operations across continents and witnessed exponential growth, the management of their diverse workforce became increasingly complex. With multiple office locations and a global team of over 500 employees serving various market segments, effectively managing the employee lifecycle became a pressing challenge. The existing manual processes and disconnected systems led to operational inefficiencies, potential inaccuracies, and increased the risk of data breaches during employee terminations. 
Recognizing the need to streamlineits HR and IT management processes through integration between ADP and AD (Active Directory), RTI Surgicals embarked on a quest to find an automated solution that could address its unique requirements. RTI’s search led it to RoboMQ, a renowned provider of API and data integration solutions trusted by enterprises worldwide.
Collaborating with RoboMQ, RTI Surgicals implemented Hire2Retire, a no-code integration product specifically tailored to its needs. Hire2Retire seamlessly integrated its HRIS (ADP) and AD (Active Directory) systems, revolutionizing its employee lifecycle management. Implementing Hire2Retire has improved operational efficiencies across all aspects of employee management, and significant time savings in employee onboarding, offboarding, and role changes, allowing RTI to focus more on strategic initiatives and workforce development. 
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