How Midland Health Eliminated Employee Lifecycle Management Worries with Hire2Retire

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Whether it is for a case of the flu or life-threatening injuries, when the people of Midland, Texas need medical attention they often end up at Midland Memorial Hospital. The hospital has been a mainstay in the Midland community for nearly 75 years, but Midland’s population has grown from over 20,000 people when the hospital first opened in 1950 to 130,000 people in 2020. Tasked with caring for a much larger population of people, Midland Memorial Hospital teamed up with other local healthcare providers to create Midland Health. By working together to provide medical care, the entities that form Midland Health help provide peace of mind to the community as they aim to fulfill their mission of making Midland the healthiest and happiest community in Texas.

However, when tasked with effectively managing a workforce of over 2,500 full-time employees, Midland Health was slowly succumbing to the manual process of syncing those employee profiles between Ceridian and Active Directory (AD). Sysadmins were being overburdened with boring, manual, and repetitive work, which often led to mistakes and an inefficient process, and the effects cascaded across the organization. New employees were often frozen out of key systems, leading to a negative first day at work” experience for new hires. Terminated employees also retained access to Midland Health’s systems for days at a time, posing potential data security and privacy risks. Inconsistencies and human errors created a jumbled mess of a global address list (GAL) full of ghost employees who no longer worked at the company. Midland Health simply had to find a better way, and that journey brought them to RoboMQ for an answer. 

The solution to Midland Health’s problems was Hire2Retire, which automatically synchronizes employee data between Ceridian and Midland Health’s Hybrid AD setup upon an employee lifecycle event happening. Through automated, end-to-end, no-code data integration, Hire2Retire has kept all of Midland Health’s 2,500 employee profiles consistent and accurate, easily handled the fluctuations caused by seasonal employees, provided a superior “First Day at Work experience for new hires, and protected Midland Health from unauthorized data breaches through timely termination access removal. No longer needing to worry about the effects of an inefficient employee lifecycle management process, Midland Health can trust Hire2Retire to take care of its employee profiles and get back to taking care of the Midland community. 

Hire2Retire, RoboMQ’s flagship product, handles hundreds of thousands of employee identities. Companies around the world use Hire2Retire to reduce the cost of creating and managing employee accounts in AD or Azure AD, eliminating tasks often done using costly sysadmin resources. RoboMQ ensures employee profiles are created in AD, Azure AD, and identity systems in near real-time per their HR profile and role, ensuring employees have the right access and privileges to provide a superior “First Day at Work” experience. Similarly, employee access is removed in near real-time upon termination, ensuring the terminated employees do not walk away with privileged access preventing data security and reputation risks. 

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