Dynamics to ServiceNow integration can bring a lot of value to an enterprise by expediting the customer resolution time and ultimately improving bottom lines.
A CRM is as good as the data it receives to serve customers better. To ensure a superior customer experience, enterprises continuously make efforts to provide personalization and address their requirements and issues quickly. However, utilizing CRM alone is not enough to provide a quick resolution to customer issues. That is the reason, enterprises utilize customer tickets or incident management systems that are handled by support team members to deal with customer issues and queries fasters.
However, enterprises utilize CRM/ERP and Incident Management Systems independently and so both the customer management and service teams do not have full visibility into the overall customer preferences and requirements. This impacts the overall customer experience. The communication gaps between these teams affect the time and quality of the resolution, which further leads to frustration, and as a result, customers move away or switch to competitors.
This is why companies are considering integrating CRM systems like Dynamics 365 with their ticket management systems like ServiceNow.

How Dynamics 365 and ServiceNow Integration Expedite Customer Resolution

By integrating Dynamics 365 CRM with ServiceNow, both the sales and support team can get a fuller, more complete picture of customers’ interactions with the company, from initial inquiry to sales, communications, issue resolutions, and eventual feedback. This helps expedite customer resolution along with providing the following benefits:

Time and Cost Savings

Dynamics to ServiceNow integration automates the manual process of entering customer query into the incident management system and tracking it until their resolution. Further, the integration with CRM helps import/export the real-time interaction and responses along with basic customer data. This reduces the administrative overhead and time it takes to complete the overall process from hours to minutes.

Single and Accurate Customer View

Enterprises can bring together data from disparate sales, marketing, and customer service channels to create a single, accurate record for each customer. This helps in easy customer management and tracking of their interactions, leading to a better customer experience.

Reliable and Synchronized Data

Since the systems are tied together, there is better sync between data lying in different systems. This helps in making informed decisions and the right actions to deal with customer issues.

Personalized Experience

Since the customer profile information is readily available from CRM to Ticket Management System, the support team can deliver a personalized experience based on previous purchases, orders, queries or interactions.

Better Customer Handling

With Dynamics to ServiceNow integration, enterprises can automate almost all the underlying processes, right from customer creation, tracking sales, order fulfillment, incident management, and query resolution. This imparts better visibility into each stage to handle customers and their requirements well.


Integrating Dynamics 365 and ServiceNow can bring a lot of added value to an enterprise to improve their marketing outreach, customer resolution timings, and ultimately bottom lines. Are you looking to integrate Dynamics 365 CRM and ServiceNow to respond to customer needs and deliver a faster resolution to their issues? There are several integration tools that can help you do that. Connect iPaaS is one such tool that comes with an easy-to-use no-code platform to help your sales and support teams create automated workflows to generate customer incidents tickets in real-time and expedite their resolution, reducing the total resolution time by 90% or more. Sign up for a free trial now.
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