Academic Partnerships Unlocks Boundless Education Possibilities with Hire2Retire’s HR-IT Integration

With Hire2Retire integration, AP was able to keep its over 400 employee profiles updated and accurate in the correct groups and distribution lists.


As the technology landscape is changing, the education industry is also evolving every single day, shifting from the traditional four walls of the classroom to the laptops lying on the couch of students. Organizations like Academic Partnerships play a major role in this transformation, revolutionizing the way how education is delivered, accessed, and experienced. A leading academic services provider, Academic Partnerships (AP) has been working for the past 16 years to make high-quality and affordable education accessible even to non-traditional online learners. It works hand in hand with universities and institutions by providing them with the new technologies, marketing, and student support services they need through its leading models like AP HigherEdge®.

Since 2007, Academic Partnerships has been empowering Universities by partnering with them in their journey of changing lives through education. However, there was a time when it was struggling to empower and increase the efficiency of its own HR and IT teams. A proper automated HR-IT synchronization was missing from the company, and its Sysadmins were updating every user identity to proper OUs (organizational units), SGs (security groups), and DLs (distribution lists) manually. It was a very tiring process that not only consumed the costly resources of the company but also led to delays in onboarding, offboarding, and termination processes.

Academic Partnerships realized that it needed an integration between its HR system ADP and Hybrid AD (Active Directory) that could automate its employee lifecycle management and identity provisioning, the kind of integration solutions RoboMQ provides.   

RoboMQ implemented its flagship product Hire2Retire for AP, keeping in mind its no-code end-to-end integration needs. With Hire2Retire integration, AP was able to keep its over 400 employee profiles updated and accurate in the correct groups and distribution lists. The company could also handle terminations and offboarding processes efficiently, minimizing security and data breaches. Thanks to Hire2Retire, AP achieved greater efficiency and productivity in its operations, streamlined its HR processes, and in the process, saved its time, cost, and resources  

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Somya Shrimal

Somya Shrimal

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