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    Announcing: Hybrid Messaging Cloud

    messaging cloud
    What is the Hybrid Messaging Cloud? 

    Our Hybrid Messaging Cloud allows your business to run applications on-site without a constant and reliable connection to the cloud. Simultaneously, integration to SaaS and global enterprise applications can be run through our middleware on the cloud with built-in cache, buffering and retires, creating the perfect hybrid model.

    What are the benefits of a hybrid messaging cloud over the traditional messaging broker?

    Have you ever been in the middle of a business transaction and found that your local internet connection is not functioning as expected? With a traditional cloud set up your business could lose all the transactions made in that time, have to reenter them or even be forced to suspend activities until the problem is resolved. But with our hybrid cloud, the transactions queued up until the connection to the cloud returns. The on-site or local applications continue to collaborate seamlessly using the local link.

    An alternative to this method is to build a cache mechanism in each of the on-site applications. This could be tedious and cost prohibitive. Why build a cache in every application or be restricted to applications that have a cache mechanism when you can use Hybrid Messaging Cloud?

    Who does the Hybrid Messaging Cloud benefit?

    Almost all medium to large businesses. Most businesses have centralized enterprise applications and localized site-specific applications. This feature is very adaptable and can be personalized for the needs of your business. Hybrid Messaging Cloud offers a reliable integration mechanism for local applications to collaborate over local infrastructure without a long hop to the cloud. At the same time, local applications and enterprise applications can collaborate over a federated link that provides resilience to intermittent network connectivity through local cache, buffering and built-in retries. Some examples could be retail establishments, resorts and hotel chains, restaurant chains, and industrial establishments.

    Hybrid Messaging Cloud provides fail-over, disaster recovery and the ability to relocate applications smoothly in case of outages and issues. There is also an additional security benefit of controlling what interactions happen locally vs. what goes through the public internet.

    For more information on Hybrid Messaging Cloud and RoboMQ’s other products visit our website, RoboMQ.

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