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    Gartner Lists RoboMQ as Representative iPaaS Vendor

    We are excited to share the news of our inclusion in “Gartner Market Guide for Application Integration Platforms” published June , 2017. We have been listed as one of the representative iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) vendors.

    Market Guide for Application Integration Platforms, June 2017

    This is a big milestone for RoboMQ being that Gartner recognizes our product roadmap and market direction. In our discussions with Gartner analysts, they were impressed with our adoption of emerging technologies like docker containers, orchestration engines, and support for open-core transports like AMQP/RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis, and SQS in addition to supporting all standard integration protocols. RoboMQ has been built for hybrid cloud and IoT. All of this has been done while strictly adhering to a cloud agnostic and distributed architecture. This allows customers to run integration and microservices applications on multi-cloud with an ability to forklift applications from cloud to on-premise and vice versa in a matter of hours with no code change.

    Open-core Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) for multi-cloud and on-premise deployments

    About RoboMQ

    RoboMQ is a Hybrid Integration Platform that is built for the distributed application landscape of on-premise, cloud, mobile and IoT. It is built on pluggable open core messaging transports with Smart Containers that provide out of box core capabilities like business activity monitoring, error handling and analytics, messaging abstraction, container logging and health checks, and diagnostics.
    Highly scalable business workflows can be built using microservices that can run on-premise, on the cloud, and on IoT gateway with distributed peer to peer messaging fabric allowing infinite scale, redundancy and distributed architecture.
    Want to know more? Check us out at or reach out to our product and sales team at For more details, you can read Gartner’s market guide here.

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