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Expandable File Based Integration


Traditional Managed File Transfer (MTF) systems have become outdated. Their limited functionality, accompanied by an inability to scale alongside larger business needs, has paved the way for a new Managed File Transfer workflow that boasts a microservices architecture with containerization. In an MTF workflow built with RoboMQ, each of the functional components are microservices, depicted as hexagons in the figure below. The microservices follow task worker patterns and can be infinitely chained to enhance workflow functionality. The microservices are chained using…

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Customize Workflows With File to API Integration

Traditional managed file transfer (MFT) solutions are good at one thing: performing the core file exchange and transmitting file data. Since MFT came of age in the mid-2000s, the landscape has rapidly changed toward cloud-hosted applications and IT infrastructures have…


Secure Delivery Managed File Transfer Using RoboMQ

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a reliable and guaranteed delivery file transfer service with all the management, error handling, and recovery features built in for a secure and encrypted file transfer. It supports managed file transfers across any of…