How to Brace Your HR & IT Teams for Post-Covid Hiring & Onboarding

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How to Brace Your HR & IT Teams for Post-Covid Hiring & Onboarding

Is it taking WAY too long to onboard new employees? Are there too many manual steps involved that result in errors and slow the process down?

With COVID restrictions being lifted, many companies are hiring and bringing employees back to the office. This means more behind the scenes work for HR and IT teams to coordinate and do what it takes to successfully onboard new employees.

In this webinar, we share insider tips on what some of the best-performing companies are doing to streamline the employee onboarding process and eliminate burdens for HR and IT teams. With these exclusive tips, companies are saving more than 90% on costs to onboard new employees while providing a great first day at work experience.

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About the Speakers


Bramh Gupta, CEO

Bramh Gupta is the CEO and founder of RoboMQ. Bramh is passionate about integration and the value it brings to businesses. He combines his business insights and architectural skills to design and create highly scalable, integration platforms, and resilient enterprise systems that are needed to power the API economy.


Ben Smith, Product Lead

Ben Smith is a Lead Product Designer at RoboMQ. He is expert in product designing and development across a wide range of technologies. With his extensive experience in integration products and knowledge of automation, he can create productsthat can meet the demands of todays’ digitally connect world.

Eric Koch

Eric Koch, Sales & Marketing Manager

Eric Koch is a sales and marketing manager at RoboMQ. He brings over ten years of digital marketing and sales experience and is passionate about SaaS products, application integrations, and technological advancements.