Managed File Transfer

Secure reliable and encrypted file transfers with support for all protocol and integration with APIs, workflows and event processing streams.

MFT Business Workflow

Save time, money, and effort by utilizing RoboMQ’s managed file transfer for all of your file integration needs. With a microservice architecture, it is secure, reliable, and can scale alongside your business.

Unlimited file transfer at a fixed monthly price

Get first file transfer FREE and unlimited file transfers at a flat per month price of $99 for each file integration between systems.

Expandable File Based Integration using Robomq 's mft integration

Expandable File Based Integration

RoboMQ MFT is built with microservices architecture and assembled with Docker containers, which provide core capabilities of file transfer using standard file transfer protocols, validation, file transformation, file merge & split, encryption and security.

File to API Integration

RoboMQ merges the core file handling and processing with API integration capabilities of the microservices based MFT to give you unlimited possibilities.

RoboMQ File to API Integration

Easy MFT Set-up

RoboMQ MFT comes pre packaged with 5 microservices, but the addition of fully customizable microservices is a value added benefit of the RoboMQ platform!

MFT Security

RoboMQ MFT is a secure and reliable way to send and recieve files of various sizes across different platforms with data encryption and guaranteed delivery.