Ocular Therapeutix’s Innovative Approach to Eye Care Transformation Picks Pace with Hire2Retire

In a world where digitalization and consequent eye strain have become pervasive, effective eye care has to go beyond mere symptom management to encompass more holistic treatments. Ocular Therapeutix, a pioneering biopharmaceutical company, is turning this vision into reality. With their formulation expertise, they are revolutionizing ophthalmology by developing innovative drug treatments that enhance lives. 
Founded in 2006, Ocular Therapeutix is committed to formulating and commercializing therapies for various eye diseases and conditions. Its proprietary bioresorbable hydrogel-based technology allows it to simplify the current standard of care through sustained-release alternatives, ensuring consistent and reliable drug dosing. This dedication to transforming eye care is exemplified by its robust product pipeline and relentless focus on advancing therapies through clinical trials. 
One of its groundbreaking achievements, DEXTENZA®, its first commercial drug, has already been approved by the FDA. This revolutionary treatment is transforming the way ocular inflammation, post-surgery pain, and allergic conjunctivitis are managed. With its growing recognition and adoption, Ocular Therapeutix is making a significant impact on improving patient outcomes worldwide and achieving substantial organizational growth.
As Ocular Therapeutix continued to expand its operations and workforce, it faced challenges arising from a lack of integration between ADP and AD. The absence of synchronization between the HRIS and the access provisioning systems resulted in inefficiencies in facilitating collaboration. It caused delays in the onboarding process, preventing new employees from contributing to the pipeline. The offboarding process also had some limitations, allowing terminated employees unauthorized access to the company’s intellectual property, sensitive data, and critical systems. The manual handling of these and other employee lifecycle management tasks led to inefficiencies and risks, highlighting the need for a comprehensive solution.
To address this issue, Ocular Therapeutix partnered with RoboMQ, a leading provider of data and API integration solutions. The latter implemented Hire2Retire, a transformative product that streamlines HR and identity provisioning processes. This integration now enables Ocular to ensure real-time updates, synchronization, and automation of employee lifecycle management. With Hire2Retire, Ocular Therapeutix has achieved efficient onboarding, secure termination protocols, and seamless collaboration. Today, the company is free to focus on its core mission of developing transformative drug treatments, ensuring swift progress in bringing hope and enhanced patient outcomes to millions worldwide. 
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