OrthoIndy guarantees leading-edge specialty care across multiple locations with automated role-based privileges and access to its patient and clinical data systems

OrthoIndy, a leading orthopaedic practice across multiple locations in the Midwest, enabled role-based secure and seamless across to its Patient Information for more than 900 employees with RoboMQ’s ADP to AD integration solution.


The focus of 21st-century healthcare is to provide leading-edge care to patients. To administer efficient and effective healthcare, facilities must adhere to the strictest quality parameters, ensure transparency in their processes, and provide superior service and care to their patients across multiple locations.
OrthoIndy, one of the most highly respected and trusted orthopaedic practices across multiple locations in the Midwest, pledged to provide the highest quality bone, joint, spine, and muscle care to patients since its inception in 2005 and has kept true to that promise. While each patient’s experience is unique, there are several national bodies and programs that recognize practices with quality specialty care, safety, and efficiency. OrthoIndy is consistently awarded these distinctions. They are a HealthGrades Five-Star Recipient, one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience, and a Guardian of Excellence Award winner for their ongoing commitment to their mission of providing quality healthcare. They are also recognized as an Anthem’s Blue Distinction Center, which distinguishes their expertise and efficiency in delivering specialty care at all locations.
Each of OrthoIndy’s healthcare workers has a unique role in patient care with specific requirements and permissions. OrthoIndy had to ensure employees had appropriate and timely access to information so that workers could provide the best care possible. In order to continue ensuring the best patient outcomes possible, they realized that they need to empower their 900+ employees with an agile role-based and access management to its patient and clinical data systems.

The lack of streamlined roles and identities management in the Active Directory (AD) in line with HR job profiles created potential security issues due to unprivileged access and delays in access removal upon terminations.

Fractured identity and access management systems

OrthoIndy had been struggling to manage access and create role-based privileges for its patient and clinical data systems for their over 900 employees across multiple locations. The lack of automated role and identity provisioning from ADP to AD also created a potential security risk of misuse of confidential patient information and clinical records. Additionally, there were delays in creating identity, emails, and providing access to clinical systems needed to perform the job when the new employees were hired. This created a barrier between eager new employees and their patients.
Without well-defined role-based access to patient and clinical systems, the doctors and nurses experienced difficulties in accessing patient information, medical reports, and clinical data. This affected the quality of patient care and the overall functioning of clinics. These impediments can become critical issues in the healthcare field.

Automated role-based privileges and access to patient and clinical data systems

RoboMQ’s “Hire to Retire” ADP to AD integration solution helped OrthoIndy deliver quality patient care services and streamlined operations across its locations with the timely creation of user identities and accounts, and role-based access to critical patient information and clinical systems.
With RoboMQ’s ADP to AD integration solution:
  • HR data from ADP and employee lifecycle changes – namely hiring, terminations, change of roles, and profile updates – were synchronised in real near time to identity systems, Active Directory, and Azure AD

  • Role-based access control ensured privileged need-to-know basis access to patient and clinical data and systems, and ensured legal compliance

  • Created a superior “First Day at Work” experience accounts, email, and system access ready for new hires when they walked in the door

  • Prevented data security risks by ensuring terminated employees’ access was removed in near real-time time and they did not walk away with sensitive protected data

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