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The world of energy is undergoing a transformation, with a growing focus on sustainability and efficiency, and Veregy is leading the charge. As an industry titan in energy efficiency solutions, solar power, and smart building technology, Veregy’s innovative approach and unmatched service have positioned them as a trusted partner for organizations seeking long-term value.
Veregy’s journey began with a vision to create a sustainable future. Its team of experienced professionals developed customized strategies to address complex facility challenges while optimizing building performance and reducing energy consumption. Operating nationwide, the company’s comprehensive offerings include infrastructure upgrades, energy management, and energy efficiency solutions in various areas such as mechanical, plumbing, lighting, solar, battery storage, and geothermal systems. Its expertise extends to customizable building control systems, facility management, and maintenance services. 
Veregy’s collective enterprises, comprising CTS Group, Johnson Melloh Solutions, Dynamix Engineering, Dynamix Energy Services, Midstate Energy, Urban Energy Solutions, Four Star Mechanical, and Four-Star Fabrication & Service, have successfully delivered billions in energy performance contracts. Their impactful solutions have revolutionized academic, municipal, healthcare, commercial, and federal facilities across 32 states. 
But Veregy’s journey is not one lacking challenges. As the company worked tirelessly to achieve its goals in sustainability its in-house operations were becoming more and more complex and inefficient; primarily the management of employee lifecycle updates. Managing employee accounts and access privileges across diverse roles and geographically dispersed office locations while maintaining compliance with stringent Department of Energy (DoE) regulations demanded a streamlined and automated process between HR and IT systems- ADP and AD (Active Directory). 
Enter RoboMQ’s Hire2Retire, a cutting-edge integration platform that seamlessly connects the company’s HRIS with its Active Directory. This no-code solution transformed Veregy’s operations, automating workflows and optimizing data flows for improved efficiency and productivity. With Hire2Retire, Veregy achieved efficient and accurate employee management, proper role-based access control, streamlined procedures, and compliance with data security and privacy regulations. 
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