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    RoboMQ Presents at CONNECTpreneur


    This past Wednesday, September 28th 2016, RoboMQ was chosen to be one of only eight presenters for the CONNECTpreneur Fall Forum by Big Idea in Bethesda, MD. The event was a fun and educational day that was intended to inspire and empower regional entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders, angels, VCs, CXOs as well as other businesses, universities, and government leaders by bringing them into one room for meaningful connecting, learning, and deal-making. As one of the selected presenters, RoboMQ CEO Bramh Gupta had the opportunity to speak in front of an audience about the company and its potential.

    In this presentation, we detailed some of the important day-to-day ways that RoboMQ integration can improve your life. Our CEO Bramh Gupta told a recent story of trying to deal with an insurance company. As most of us may have dealt with insurance, it would be universal that there often seems to be a never ending number of forms and information to fill out. Finally, when you get done with the forms for your auto insurance, you may need to start all over again for the home insurance, even if you are purchasing both services from the same company. This issue stems from a lack of integration between the company’s two databases and systems. If insurance companies used RoboMQ, this information could be shared easily and securely regardless of protocol.

    This is a common issue that RoboMQ has solved many times for our clients, such as TopGolf. TopGolf is the premier entertainment and event venue with fun point-scoring golf games for all skill levels as well as drinks, food, and live music. However, a venue with such a popular caliber has many diverse systems that need to work together. RoboMQ was able to integrate these systems to save significant time and money for the business and improve the user experience.

    To learn more about the CONNECTpreneur event or get a personalized presentation from RoboMQ, please sign up on our website, or email us at

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