Hire2Retire Empowers the YMCA of Greater Boston to Create Positive Change in the Community

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Everyone knows the lyrics and the dance to the famous song associated with the YMCA. But for many people in and around Boston, the YMCA of Greater Boston is far more than a fun song and dance. As the first YMCA founded in the United States, the YMCA of Greater Boston has been providing free or subsidized programs and services to thousands of children, individuals, and families and poured millions of dollars back into a community of over four million people.

However, with a workforce of over 600 full-time employees that can rise to over 3,000 employees depending on seasonal needs, the YMCA of Greater Boston was slowly succumbing to the weight of managing all those employee profiles between ADP and Active Directory (AD). Sysadmins were being overburdened with boring, manual, and repetitive work, which often led to mistakes and an inefficient process, and the effects cascaded across the organization. New employees were often frozen out of key systems on their first day at work, terminated employees retained access to the YMCA’s systems, and the organization could not keep its global address list (GAL) consistent and updated. The YMCA needed to find a better way to manage this process, but the search for a solution with both the right power and a feasible price point for a non-profit kept coming up empty. Until the YMCA found RoboMQ, that is.

Recognizing the importance of the work the YMCA of Greater Boston does, RoboMQ used a personalized and flexible pricing plan to implement Hire2Retire for the YMCA. Hire2Retire automatically synchronizes employee data between ADP and the YMCA’s Hybrid AD setup upon an employee lifecycle event happening. Through automated, end-to-end, no-code data integration, Hire2Retire has enabled the YMCA to keep all its employee profiles consistent and accurate, easily handle the fluctuations caused by seasonal employees, provide a superior “First Day at Work” experience, and protect itself from unauthorized data breaches. But most of all, thanks to the power of Hire2Retire automation the YMCA can save time and money that can instead be poured back into the community of Greater Boston.

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