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    Beer and Data Integration: they do go together!

    A glass of beer on the table against the background

    Rahr, world class malt and brewing company, automates “Hire to Retire” business process. 

    We all enjoy our crisp, bright, amber pint of the beer with the beautiful rising bubbles carrying the cold refreshing flavors that dance on our taste buds on a lazy Sunday afternoon overlooking the bright sun across the window (of course you can drink any day and any time!). I am sure most of us know that the beer is made with the malted grains brewed and fermented with added flavors and hops to give it its unique flavor. I am not so much into the hoppy IPAs, but I do enjoy my light and crisp Hefeweizens, pale ales, and wheat beers.

    Whichever beer you enjoy and whatever be your best go to flavor, there is always the malt. Ever wondered what goes in to make the best malt to create your best beer? And do you know so much of business operations and systems are involved to make it happen?

    Why? Because the best beers are made with the best malt that is created by the best people who love their beers and bring that passion to malt making! We learnt while working with Rahr how important it is to get the best people and to provide access to the tools, systems, and application so that they can do what they do best!

    This brings to the data integration and how the fresh, crisp beer is connected to it. Like many large employers, malt makers and beer makers face the challenges of making sure that employees are timely on-boarded and are provided access to systems and applications to do their job ensuring a great “First Day at Work” experience. This is where fully automated and managed employee lifecycle and identity management solution “Hire2Retire” from RoboMQ helped Rahr, one of largest malt producer, build an awesome workforce to so that we continue to enjoy our best beer on the bright Sunday afternoon or whenever we choose to!
    Bramh Gupta

    Bramh Gupta

    Bramh Gupta is the founder and CEO of RoboMQ. He has a background in large scale real-time manufacturing systems, telecommunications and design and architecture of highly scalable and resilient enterprise systems. He is passionate about real-time integration and the value that it brings to business operations and critical decision making.

    Bramh holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Business and Industrial Engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. Bramh combines his business insights and architectural skills to design and create highly scalable, integration platforms and tools that are needed to power the API economy.

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