Rahr, world class malt and brewing company, automates “Hire2Retire” business process


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“Hire to retire” Business Process Automation from ADP to AD


Rahr Corporation, a US based renowned malt and brewing company with units across the globe, has been producing and distributing malt and related ingredients and equipment for breweries, distilleries, and allied industries around the world. The company provides modern malting and brewing facilities with several offerings from its business units such as hops, yeast, homebrew ingredients, and malting equipment in addition to malt itself.  

To manage its operations Rahr actively hires across its business units. However, there was an absence of an automated and well-defined employee lifecycle and identity management process. The existing process utilized disparate systems to manage employee hiring, on-boarding and termination with manual processes connecting the systems together.   

Struggles and Pains

Hiring, and managing employee change of roles, terminations and profile updates was a difficult and manually laborious task that required sysadmin work across disparate systems. This led to difficulty in maintaining and providing single consistent view of employee HR profiles, timely updates and changes to corresponding roles and privileges.

Due to a lack of an automated HR and identity management process in place, Rahr could not timely allocate licenses and access to its employee which hampered employee collaboration and “First Day at Work” experience. There were also the risks of data security breach and exposure of privileged sensitive information. Manual on-boarding, and off-boarding processes caused delay and dissatisfaction despite costly and skilled IT resources assigned to take care of this activity. Rahr felt need of a fully managed and automated employee lifecycle management process.


With an objective to streamline Employee Lifecycle Management and transform the existing HR and identity management processes, RoboMQ’s ADP to AD integration solution was implemented. The solution fully automated and synced HR employee lifecycle updates to creating and updating of AD identity and role-based access and privileges to Rahr data and systems. The solution transformed HR and identity management functions resulting in:

Real-time employee access and license allocation to the right brewery units and groups

Timely onboarding of employees to different business units providing ready to go smooth first day at work experience

Timely and hassle-free employee termination without security and data risks

Better collaboration and information sharing between teams to support various malting, procurement, and distribution operations of the company

Secured and protected data and privileged access to the enterprise systems


Food and beverages

Company Size


Implemented Solution

“Hire2Retire” Business Process Automation from ADP to AD


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