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    RoboMQ Connect iPaaS Now Features Workday as an Available API Connector

    RoboMQ Connect iPaaS

    Connect iPaaS users can now perform full API and data integration with Workday HCM and financial management

    RoboMQ, a leading integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) provider, today announced the general availability of Workday API and data connector on its Connect iPaaS. Line of business users and citizen integrators can now streamline and automate human resource, finance, and other enterprise business processes by integrating Workday with best-of-breed SaaS, cloud, and on-premise applications on the Connect iPaaS platform.

    Built for today’s business needs, Workday has become a leading enterprise SaaS application specializing in Human Capital Management (HCM) and financial management applications for human resource, finance, and enterprise resource planning teams. Compared to traditional on-premise HCM and finance applications, Workday is often recognized for its quick implementation and ease of use, which makes the platform attractive to citizen integrators and the line of business users.

    In addition to Workday, enterprises leverage multiple systems and applications to fulfill their business functional needs. Unfortunately, these systems and applications aren’t typically set up to communicate with each other, thus creating the need for manual processes that slow down workplace productivity and impact revenue growth and the profit margins.

    One example of such a scenario is employee onboarding where multiple actions must be taken to set up and provision new hires to the applications, systems, and tools needed to perform his or her job. RoboMQ Connect iPaaS solves this problem by integrating Workday with Active Directory, Azure AD, Okta Directory and other SaaS, cloud, and on-premise applications to streamline this process. A typical workflow that leverages Workday as an API connector can be created in minutes using the simple, drag-and-drop UX of Connect iPaaS.

    “Enterprises are in need of streamlining the employee onboarding and other HR, finance and ERP business processes to enhance the employee experience. Bringing Workday to the Connect iPaaS platform provides this capability to HR and IT teams to sync applications that need to communicate with each other, thus saving time and direct labor costs,” said Bramh Gupta, CEO of RoboMQ.

    By leveraging the power of enterprise and SaaS application connectors provided by Connect iPaaS with Workday, line of business users can create business processes that enhance employee onboarding, update employee life-cycle events, assign role-based access control (RBAC) privileges, speed up decision making, and more.

    Enterprises can take advantage of the Workday integration by signing up for Connect iPaaS at

    About Workday

    Workday is a leading enterprise SaaS application provider for human resource, finance, and planning teams. It’s robust, powerful and user-friendly platform has rapidly become one of the most popular human resource management platforms in the marketplace.

    About RoboMQ

    RoboMQ Connect iPaaS is a no-code API and data integration platform that provides business process automation for the line of business users of HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and others.


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