6 Ways Software Integration Has Benefited Businesses

software integration

In the digital world, every business wants universal solutions to handle various in-house operations. Business necessities and requirements are unique, and that’s why you need to have software that can fulfil your digital needs. 

Digital transformation helps you thrive amid change and competency. RoboMQ provides such software that offers many benefits to a business. Let’s discuss how software integration benefits a business-

Data Accessibility

Software integration helps businesses connect various applications, allowing them to share data. Without this integration, different applications like a project management system, email manager, or cloud infrastructure, would be incompatible. In addition, data from third-party applications would not be accessible to people outside the organization. 

This is a common problem many businesses face as the number of applications increases. Software Integration helps to solve all these issues.

Common Data Format Integration

RoboMQ is an open-core messaging system that supports common data formats. For example, Workday® is using RoboMQ for updating its HR data. We also integrate Workday® with Azure AD. Software integrations like these and their allowances have made businesses choose an integrated system for improved user experience. RoboMQ’s suite of adapters and connectors enables developers to create protocol-agnostic integrations. Developers can use any programming language to write integration code. RoboMQ’s modular architecture allows it to be expanded as needed. It is based on a leading industry integration protocol, and provides the benefits of Message Oriented Middleware.

How pre-boarding works with Hire2Retire 

So, you have finally decided on the perfect candidates and are ready to start the preboarding process. To enable this, iCIMS will provide an extract of applicants who have moved to the hired stage. When this information is fed into the Hire2Retire product, it will automatically create profiles for the new hires in AD or Azure AD. These hires can be in either the enabled or disabled state in AD, based on your preference.  

Out-of-the-box software integration

As an API and data integration company, RoboMQ provides a platform for building and automating business processes. Its Connect iPaaS platform allows companies to automate operations without writing a line of code.

RoboMQ’s integration middleware is extremely flexible, enabling companies to integrate various systems, including large event sales, point-of-sale and golf gaming.

It also enables the integration of HR, payroll and resource planning systems. RoboMQ’s Hybrid Integration Platform can also integrate cloud applications.

Automated Workflow

RoboMQ has also become very useful for businesses that integrate multiple systems. This integration platform helps businesses manage their business processes through automated workflows. They can automate their employee onboarding processes, create role-based access, manage employee life cycles, and automate memberships in internal communication lists.

Real-Time Data

RoboMQ is an integration platform that lets users exchange data in real time and integrate different applications across the same platform. This can enable businesses to implement event-driven workflows, trigger business workflows, and improve the customer experience.

RoboMQ supports various protocols and is built for SaaS and cloud deployments. It has a visual microservices process designer.

Reduce Costs

By eliminating manual data entry, software integration enables businesses to cut costs and improve collaboration. This eliminates the need for low-level employees to perform these tasks while also reducing IT infrastructure costs. 

Additionally, software integration eliminates the need for employees to learn multiple complex software systems.

Last words-

Your business processes can run smoothly with the right integration facility, like RoboMQ. Here are the integrations offered by RoboMQ. Wish to get a free quotation? Follow this.


Ritik Singh

Ritik Singh

Ritik Singh is a Marketing Specialist with RoboMQ. He writes about cloud and enterprise technology, iPaaS. A dynamic content writer who writes for RoboMQ, world's leading iPaaS for ERP and SaaS integration.

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