How Topgolf saves over $700,000 per year in employee onboarding from ADP vantage

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Managing employee lifecycle from hiring to termination and re-hire for hundreds (or even thousands) of employees can become tedious for any company. This is especially true if manual processes are involved to onboard new employees or provide them with role-based access to the system, tools, and applications needed to perform their job.

For an average company, this seemingly simple burden of provisioning and onboarding new employees can take up to two hours or more. If this labor cost can simply be avoided, the highly skilled employee resources performing this repetitive task could be shifted to more important, interesting and valuable work.

Topgolf, a global sports entertainment company, experienced this problem while they were in an aggressive expansion mode to open many new locations. Topgolf grew from 14 locations in 2015 to 60 locations by the end of 2019, leveraging RoboMQ’s Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) to integrate and automate the manual processes involved to onboard new employees. Doing so, Topgolf was able to save over $700,000 per year in direct labor costs.

Struggles and Pains

Topgolf has grown its operations and employee headcount substantially in recent years. With 22,000 or more employees in 60 venues across the globe, the company could no longer rely on time-consuming, tedious manual processes to onboard and provision new employees from ADP Vantage to Active Directory (AD). On top of this, Topgolf needed to create role-based accounts and access to:

Aloha POS (Point of Sales System)

HotSchedules (Labor management service)

Cornerstone (Employee recruitment, training, and management service)

Facebook Workplace (Communication and collaboration tool from Facebook)

Hootsuite (Social media management platform)

High Five (Employee motivational service)

Focus POS, and others


RoboMQ was asked to design, develop, and maintain an integration solution on the RoboMQ Hybrid Integration Platform to streamline and automate the role-based provisioning process for onboarding new employees. RoboMQ’s design approach was a modular provisioning process, which allowed flexibility for the addition of more functionality as the company grows. The major functionality provided was: 

Active Directory account creation: This is the main upstream flow that would take employee records from ADP Vantage (HRMS) and create an AD (Active Directory) account and group memberships as per role-based access business rules defined by Topgolf. In addition, it handled subsequent processes for new hire like notifying manager and IT helpdesk etc

Privileged access to third party systems: Based on role-based access rules, RoboMQ created account and managed lifecycle in downstream systems like Workplace, HotSchedules, Cornerstone etc. Upon change in the employee role or status in the HR system, it automatically provisioned or deprovisioned access and licenses in the third-party systems

Access to POS at the venue where employee will work: This process created accounts and access in one of the 60 nationwide locations where a particular employee will work

By using RoboMQ’s ADP to AD integration, Topgolf gained the following benefits: 

Over $700,000 per year in reduced cost savings of manual labor that would be needed to manage the same number of employees

A streamlined and automated process to manage employee lifecycle of 22,000+ associates across the globe

Avoidance of security, compliance and reputation risk by ensuring terminated employees do not walk away with privileged access

Higher employee satisfaction and improved “first day at work” experience with the new employee onboarding process



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