Pre-Packaged Integration Products (PIPs)

 Pre-built integration solutions as a service to solve common business problems

What's a PIP?

PIPs are pre-packaged integration solutions that are built as a service (iSaaS) to solve common business problems. Many companies choose to go with a PIP as these are fully managed, operated, and hosted by RoboMQ, which allows customers to be more hands-off. Once the PIP is running, then everything is on autopilot, which frees up more time for customers to focus on other core areas of their business.

Some of the Popular Prepackaged Integrations

user profile


Cloud based system

Data Lakes Creation


Point of Sale Integration

customer service

Service Management

Customer Data Sync

Customer Data Sync

Order Fulfillment

Service Order Fulfillment

Quote to Cash

Quote to Cash

Procure to Pay

Procure to Pay

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Key Benefits

Ready to Deploy

No specific skill required. You choose a PIP, we connect your ecosystems to the PIP from our end, and the integration is ready to deploy.​

Solves Specific Problem

Pre-built solutions to complex problems related to HR, operations, finances, administration, sales & marketing, and more!

Saves Time & Money

PIPs automate tedious manual tasks and save you time & money. They also help you provide quality services to your customers.​
"RoboMQ has reduced the work required to manage employee lifecycle and onboarding by 90% or more. Katerra has grown aggressively by adding new facilities and acquiring related businesses. Imagine the work needed to setup new employees, organizations and role-based access for new employees. All this manual, tedious, and error prone work is fully automated with RoboMQ, making our life easy and our employees happy."
Art Rios Sr. Manager Infrastructure Engineering, Katerra
Art Rios
Sr. Manager Infrastructure Engineering, Katerra
katerra get benifits to robomq 's services for saas and ipaas application

Katerra Achieves 90% Cost Reduction!

Katerra, a fast-growing construction company from Silicon Valley, needed an HRIS to Active Directory (AD) PIP to efficiently manage employee onboarding and offboarding processes, lifecycle events, and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for 6,500 plus employees around the globe.

RoboMQ’s HRIS to AD integration solution helped Katerra automate these critical HR and IT processes and achieve a 90% cost reduction. Additionally, Katerra saved more on license management of third party applications and systems by using RoboMQ’s add-on provisioners and connectors with this integration.

Key Features

Fully Automated

Scalable For All Needs

24x7 Customer Support​

Value Based Pricing​

Employee Onboarding software

POS Integrations for World Class Hospitality

Topgolf, a global sports entertainment company, provides a world-class hospitality experience to 50,000+ guests visiting their 70+ locations worldwide daily.

One key element of Topgolf’s success in delivering a superior customer experience is the operational excellence. They have achieved it by integrating 30+ SaaS, cloud, and on-premise applications to automate multiple front-end and back-office systems. The key integration to drive these efficiencies is RoboMQ’s pluggable Point-of-Sale (POS) integration of three (3) leading POS systems. The systems are tied to user gameplay, food & beverage ordering, inventory management, forecast versus actual reporting, revenue reconciliation, and more.
"RoboMQ's integration products have enabled us to get our business-critical information at the right time, and at the right place, without any manual intervention. Needless to say, their services have had a significant impact on the ability to optimize and transform our business, so we are ultimately able to leverage leading edge technology to deliver great value and services to all of our Topgolf guests, as well as our own employees."
Andrew Macaulay CTO, Topgolf Entertainment Group
Andrew Macaulay
CTO, Topgolf Entertainment Group

Integrate. Automate. Innovate.