If businesses need to stay on top of post-covid hiring and employee management requirements, then they have to keep their HR and IT teams prepared to embrace automation and digital technologies.

As the Covid 19 pandemic is slowly beginning to recede, companies are eyeing resuming work from the office. On the other hand, certain industries that are deemed essentials and include the front-line staff like healthcare, e-commerce, and banks are also gearing up to hire new employees.
In this regard, the biggest concern for companies is from the human resources and system admins’ point of view. They not only have to streamline the hiring but also ensure a seamless employee first-day work experience with timely onboarding, identities creation, user provisioning.
Needless to say, companies need to be agile and adopt new approaches to work which may include the adoption of automation to transform the processes digitally. Also, the HR departments of many companies are increasingly feeling the need for effective digital solutions to navigate through the hiring, onboarding, and changing employment landscape post Covid-19.

Why Lean on Digital Technology Post-Covid

When it comes to hiring and onboarding, HR and IT teams are typically tasked with manual processes of creating an employee account, ascertaining roles and rights, providing licenses, and provisioning. This may consume the entire day and sometimes the entire week, which results in poor employee experience. This may also add up to overheads due to costly system admin resources required in performing repetitive, manual processes.
However, to ramp up the hiring and onboarding process, experts suggest utilizing digital technology tools since they can automate these tasks and ensure a quick turnaround with a better employee experience.
When we talk about digital technologies, we mean various HCM (Human Capital Management) as well as HRIS and IT systems like Workday®, Oracle HCM, Active Directory, UKG Pro, etc. Implementing these digital or automation platforms for hiring and onboarding will not only help companies speed up the processes but also ensure better collaboration between HR and IT teams along with data security and streamlined onboarding. Thus, companies are better ready for handling the hiring and onboarding process even after being on a long remote working span.

Get Ready to Transform Your Hiring and Onboarding Process

It is apparent that businesses must transition to the new normal with the adoption of digitization and automation to speed up their processes and save on costly resources. While companies have already started considering digitization and automation of certain business functions like sales, accounting, operations, etc., recruitment is no exception.
It is rightly said by Jeanniey Mullen, Chief Innovation Officer of DailyPay, “Industries need to immediately shift to a heavy reliance on digital for all aspects from recruitment, interview, onboarding, and even termination pay…Anticipating a re-emergence after the global health crisis calms down, we’re not only focused on today but hiring for tomorrow. We’ve pushed our HR Tech to help us thrive.” If businesses need to stay on top of the post-covid hiring and employee management requirements, they have to keep their HR and IT teams prepared to embrace automation and digital technologies.
If businesses need to stay on top of the post-covid hiring and employee management requirements, they have to keep their HR and IT teams prepared to embrace automation and digital technologies.

Join Webinar: How to Brace Your HR & IT Teams for Post-Covid Hiring & Onboarding

For companies that are looking to transform their hiring and onboarding processes post-covid and prepare their HR and System Admin teams to adopt the new normal, here is a webinar ‘How to Brace Your HR & IT Teams for Post-Covid Hiring & Onboarding, which will help in this transition.
The webinar is focused on helping businesses implement innovative ways to streamline employee onboarding and hiring process post covid and eliminate tedious tasks off their HR & IT teams. Here are the key takeaways:

Key Takeaways of the Webinar

1.  What companies are doing to provide a great “First Day at Work” experience.
2. How HR and IT teams can work in tandem for new hire on-boarding setup.
3. Automation Tips: What steps IT can take to automate tedious manual processes to save time and costly sysadmin resources.
4. How ITSM platforms can be integrated with HR and IT systems to activate onboarding workflows.
5. Single Sign On (SSO) and Third-party Account Provisioning: How to automate account creation and access to third-party systems to save license fees and prevent security risks.
Register for the webinar and save millions on employee onboarding while providing a great first day at work experience.

Date: 16th July 2021 (Friday)

Time: 2 PM EDT


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